I show how to make an organizer for some plastic shoe box containers.  I wanted to be able and make this project from just one sheet of 4′ x 8′ plywood.  Not only is this organizer great for a shop, but it would also be great for a craft room, laundry room or basement.  The plywood I ended up using would have also looked really nice with just a clear wood finish on it.  I painted it blue to match some other things around my work shop.  The containers I used are really inexpensive (under $1) and the label holders (although optional) really made it a fun project.  Who doesn’t need to get a little more organized.  I pre-painted most of the parts as I was building it to make it easier on myself and not to have to get into all sorts of hard to reach areas.

A lot of the major home stores will cut the wood down to size for you. Any smaller cuts can be made at the circular saw.  The notches I made over at the bandsaw.   Then with some of the pre-painted pieces I could begin assembling.  I then assembled a cabinet around the organizer.  I’ve been using a special jig that I made up using a router made the label holders. I could then attach the label holders to the bins.

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