I wanted to make an overly simple project that anyone could make.  Even someone who has never made a woodworking project ever!  In fact, my wife made one as well.  She really had fun making her ornament and hopefully she will build some more projects down the road.  Instead of using a bandsaw a coping saw could be used and hand sanding could work instead of the belt sander.  Enjoy!


Christmas Ornament 01

I started by rough sketching a tree.  No need for precision here.


Christmas Ornament 02

Then cut it out at the bandsaw.  A coping saw, scroll saw or jigsaw could also be used.  Again, we are not looking for perfection here, this is supposed to be a stress free project.


Christmas Ornament 03

I then used a cove router bit in my drill press to make some indentations to act as ornaments.


Christmas Ornament 04

Using whatever colors you want, paint in the christmas ornament areas.  No need to paint “inside the lines”.


Christmas Ornament 05

Either by hand or by using a belt sander, sand the surface of the tree, removing excess paint.


Christmas Ornament 06

After a blast of compressed air, you can see the painted circles came out nice and neat.  At this point, I also drilled a small hole at the top to hang the tree.


Christmas Ornament 07

Try and get most of the excess paint off off your roller before using light pressure to paint the ornaments surface with your favorite green.  I had the best results using a smooth foam paint roller.  Any paint that gets on the tree trunks can be sanded off.


Christmas Ornament 09And voilà, some super simply Christmas ornaments!


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  1. Johnnie52

    Now that right there is a fine way to get the whole family involved. Well done!

    • Nick

      Thank you, the plan would have worked better if the kids didn’t fall asleep, haha.


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