These tool holders were designed to be used with slat wall but french cleats or even pegboard would work just fine.  I wanted a tool storage system that was modular and easy to change as easily as possible.  Firstly I made holders for my impacts, drills, multi-tool and jigsaw.  I am planning on making a few more to hold my circular saw, flashlight and other misc. cordless tools.  I started by cutting out some cardboard to see if whatever shape I came up with would be the right size to hold up my tools.  I found this to be the best method as any changes that may need to made were much easier to do when dealing with cardboard over wood.  I haven’t had but one project under my belt since making these but I can already tell you that I love them and they are helping keep me more organized.

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  1. Johnnie52

    Nicely done Nick. I’m at that place where I really need to start rethinking my storage needs out in the shed and I really like your idea for the hangers. May have to see how they will work on peg board.

    • Nick

      Thank you. I would imagine if you were able to get a long drill bit the same diameter as the pegboard pegs or a hair bigger, you could slide these type of holders over the straight style pegboard pegs. I hope that makes sense.

  2. Dick

    I like your cordless cabinet an holder system. I would like to have a set of the plans but can’t seem to find them on your web site.


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