Not too long ago Matt Cremona gave me a big slab of white oak while visiting him.  I am debating what exactly to make out of it.  A welder would come in real handy to make some nice tubular steel legs for it.  I would prefer for the wood to be the attention grabber and to have a very minimalistic look for the legs.  I used to work in manufacturing and have been away from welding for too long now.  It is about time I get a welder to incorporate some different media in my projects once again.  Also, If you haven’t seen the Woodworkers Weekend Shop Talk live show it is really worth checking out.  It airs every Saturday @6:00pm CST and last one hour.  If you are as addicted to shops and woodworking as I am, check it out!

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  1. Russ Generes

    Hey Nick! Always enjoy your videos. I’ve got that same drill press table and yes it’s certainly worth the money, but I’ve been looking at building a press table/storage system and will probably replace it in the future. The biggest problem I had with it was mounting it on the stock table that came with my WWII era Walker Turner DP that I restored. The clamps wouldn’t lock it down tight enough and I had to screw up thru the stock table into the bottom of the HF table. Just harder to remove when necessary. Going to be dropping in in a few at Matt’s site for the live session. See you there!

    • Nick

      Cool cool – I would like to get a floor model drill press – I would transfer the table to that one too


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