Art is kind of a funny thing to a lot of people.  Many times it is seen as elitist or pretentious.  It would be extremely hard for me to explain what I enjoy in certain art and what I shy away from in others.  Long story short, why do people have favorite colors or favor certain foods?  Preferences.  Art is that simple to me.  Certain things I prefer to look at over others.  Outside of that, there really isn’t much more to it.  Do you enjoy looking at it or not.

I also stumbled upon some peel-and-stick backsplash subway tiles that I thought would be really cool to incorporate into a woodworking project.  Maybe and inlay or panel instead of the traditional flat wood or raised panel designs we are used to seeing.

Ferry Pollock PaintingHere is a closeup shot of the painting I did in 2012 to mimic a Jackson Pollock painting.  Not everyones cup of tea but a simple example of something I like to look at.


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