I have been wanting to get a SawStop Table Saw for a long time now.  To say I was shocked when my wife told to go and get it would have been an understatement.  Not all tools I get I try and go for the best of the best, but a table saw I something I use almost daily.  It was on my wish list for the sole reason that I, like many woodworkers, view the table saw the foundation tool to most shops.  I do plan on doing a complete review on it as soon as I can put some more wood through it to really try and stress it.  So far I am throughly impressed.  That of course doesn’t come as any shock to me, as I have used a lot of different table saws in the past and have always loved the SawStop.  I got the 3hp professional model w/ the 36″ T-slide fence.

I am also thinking of putting tips & tricks into some of my FerryTalk videos to not only show some of the basics to woodworking but to also touch on some of the day to day shop tasks that I do that may surprise people as to how I do them.  I am thinking about calling those Ferry Quick Tips.  I find me playing on the words “very quick tips” to be rather funny in my head.  What can I say, simple things make me smile.

SawStop Table Saw

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  1. dorald123

    You’re right, the SawStop IS going to be the last saw you buy. My wife insisted I purchase one a few years ago and I have never regretted it. Aside from the safety aspect, which saved my fingers on two occasions, the quality is the best. ENJOY!

    • Nick

      yup – It really is a high quality machine and the safety feature is a huge plus


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