Last weeks kitchen utensil challenge was great.  #utensil2015  I have plans to modify the pendulum router I made for the challenge.  Ted Alexander and I were bouncing ideas back and forth and thought it would be neat if it could be modified in such a way so that it can make molding.  It would do the cove portion as well as veining and beading elements.  I am anxious to get testing on it to see what I can come up with.  Also, my oldest boy has expressed interest in making some wood projects with me, so I am contemplating getting a scroll saw.  I figured a scroll saw would be one of the more safe tools a younger person could attempt.  I as well need to make another project that will involve my dad as well as my youngest boy so we can build some memories along with a project.  I believe sentimentalities go hand in hand with woodworking.  I am naturally the type of person to treasure the meaning behind a hand made gift as much as if not more than its tangible counterpart.

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    • Nick

      good idea – I will look into that one as well – April seems to like hers


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