I have a couple projects lined up that will include pocket holes so I got a brand new Kreg K5 to use in those projects.  I wanted to make a mounting board to attach it to so it was easy to just grab it and go.  Projects don’t always have to be complicated and take hours and hours to complete.  This is a perfect example of that.  One tip worth noting from the video is when you are using a hole saw to make holes, it cuts a lot nicer if you can use a vacuum or compressed air to keep the bit clear from sawdust.  A dust mask is always recommend.  I made so many holes to keep the weight of the sometimes heavy MDF to a minimum.  Plywood or 1/2″ material would also keep it from being too heavy but I had a scrap piece of MDF that was almost the perfect size.  Rounding the sharp edges over with a 1/4″ round-over bit just makes it more comfortable to grab. The final board measured 13.5″ x 24″

pocket hole end table 20

Here is my first project I made with my newly mounted Kreg Jig.  A really simple and easy to make end table.  Click the picture to the left to see that build or click here.

Kreg Jig Mounting Board 01 Kreg Jig Mounting Board 02 Kreg Jig Mounting Board 03 Kreg Jig Mounting Board 04

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11 Responses

  1. Jon Miller

    Nick, I just saw your picture in a Kreg newsletter! :)

    I keep seeing your logo in everyone else’s videos, too. You’re killing it, man. Keep it up!

    • Nick

      The mounting board was just some MDF scrap I had – so the holes were mainly to reduce weight but they also give locations to clamp it down to a workbench

  2. umpire20

    That’s pretty slick, Nick. I have the new K5 but it is still in the box it came in. That’s where I’m storing it for now. I just might have to make one of your “swiss cheese boards” for mine. It would sure generate questions by people coming into my garage shop.

    • Nick

      haha, that it does – I initially added all of the holes purely to reduce weight – MDF was the scrap I had to use – but it has come in useful just to allow for more clamping options


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