Woodworking may be a pastime I can take for granted at times.  People that see the hobby as either too expensive or too difficult to get into could easily be discouraged.  I often times don’t realize that being in the craft for more than 20 years has put me in a place of complacency.  The last thing I want people to think is that woodworking or DIY projects require a multitude of tools and years of experience.  How did I end up doing it for over two decades and not have a starting point?  If you really think about it, every journey in life begins with baby steps, in fact, quite literally.  I began this hobby I have grown to love so much with these exact “baby steps”.  My first real tool was a gift from my grandparents and I had no idea where it would take me, but I was up for the ride.  This project was designed for those exact people in mind.  The ones that are just getting started and were too apprehensive to plunge in for whatever reason.  Oh, and by the way, after being in this hobby for this long, it was still a fun project to call my own.  A simple end table that was made by me.  For no other reason than I like to make stuff.

pocket hole end table 2

“I” got started by letting my local home store do most of the heavy lifting.  Most stores will cut lumber down to size for you without additional charges.
pocket hole end table 3

If you can’t find a supplier that will cut wood to length for you, there is always the good old fashioned way of doing it by hand.  And here is that exact gift from my grandparents I mentioned earlier, a simple handsaw.  A treasured piece in my tool arsenal to this day.

pocket hole end table 4

No matter how you achieve it, here are the cut to size components.

pocket hole end table 5 pocket hole end table 6

Being lucky enough to have a Kreg Jig® at my disposal, I utilized it to make pocket holes in my work pieces.  Kreg had sent me a K5 as part of a giveaway.  The mounting board I made for it works out really well.

pocket hole end table 7

Not to say that a smaller Kreg Jig® couldn’t be used, I demonstrate it as well from one that I had purchased years earlier.

pocket hole end table 8

I could also put the pocket holes in each end of the apron pieces as well.

pocket hole end table 9

Moving on to assembling the top, I merely screwed the two 1×10 together on their edges.

pocket hole end table 10 pocket hole end table 11

The leg sections took little effort to assemble.

pocket hole end table 12

If you are doing this with limited tools, screwing the legs to the apron can be done without the aid of clamps, but they sure do make lining everything up a heck of a lot easier.

pocket hole end table 13

Once I had two legs attached to each of two aprons, those assemblies can be joined with more pocket hole screws using the remaining aprons.

pocket hole end table 14

pocket hole end table 15

Although not required, I used a card scraper to smooth out the top a bit and took some sandpaper to knock off the sharp corners of the base.

pocket hole end table 16

I decided to go with dark walnut danish oil to finish the top.  Pouring it on and wiping it around the entire top.  Once it had soaked in for approximately 10-15 minutes, I just wiped up any excess.

pocket hole end table 17

For the base I went with a white paint.  First using a foam brush to get into the corners and coming back with a foam roller to finish and smooth everything out.
pocket hole end table 18

If you are at all worried about the top expanding and contacting through the seasons, you can just place one screw on each side just off center from the seam in the top.
pocket hole end table 20And here is the end table all completed.  If you are interested in building this end table, click the icon below to bring you to the cutlist of all the parts along with a simple set of plans.  Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Robyn Strawn

    Great table! What brand of clamp are you using? I’m always on the look out for good clamps.

    • Nick

      not sure what brand but I got it from Harbor Freight – they aren’t the best in the world but they do work okay – w/coupon you can’t beat the price


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