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  1. Mark

    Yes, I have problems with your video’s. I like to click to the bottom right of the video window to enlarge the screen, but for some reason only on your video’s there is a window to the full right side to subscribe and other check boxes that do not allow me to click the full screen button on the bottom right. Like I said, it’s only on your video’s.

  2. Tom


    I listened to all that you had to say about what motivates you to do this and the reluctance to ask people for money to help support it. It resonates LOUDLY with me. I have very similar thoughts about it. I, too, have a full-time job and just love to get in the shop and make stuff. I have dreams of being able to quit my day job and do what you and many others do full-time. It just seems to be so rewarding whether you make a lot of money at it or not.

    Keep moving forward and I know there are people out here that have the means and desire to help you out. I hope they are there if and when I can do this too. Good luck and continue to live with the good heart that you obviously have.

    …and thanks for bringing me some hope and inspiration!!!

    • Nick

      Thanks for the support and kind words Tom. I’ll keep at at and see what the future brings.


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