I came across a product made by Rust-Oleum called rippled finish.  It got me thinking that it does a good job making clear glass look rippled, but wouldn’t it be cool to use some color.  If I were able to add color I might be able to give the look of stained glass.  To make the whole process quick and easy to do I opted to try some colored permanent markers and a simple pattern to essentially color the glass like a coloring book.  I knew ahead of time I would have some marks indicating were the marker had been drawing.  To try and eliminate this, I had airbrushed on some isopropyl alcohol.  It worked okay and had I spent more time with it, I think I could have gotten even better results.  Overall I am pretty pleased with the outcome.  Does it look exactly like stained glass?  No.  But I do think with a bit more time trying different techniques, it could look great.  I would encourage anyone who is looking for a stained glass look to give it a try.


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