My oldest child had lost his first tooth.  Therefore we need a proper container in which to put the tooth in so the Tooth Fairy (no relation to me) could find it when he put it under his pillow.  To say he was excited would be an understatement.  I made it from some scrap walnut.  Nothing majorly interesting other than the fact that I had made a lid catch from a spare ball bearing and a spring from a ball point pen.  You could definitely finish the box, but being it was from the Tooth Fairy, I had left it unfinished.  I figured she didn’t have available to her in the way of finishes in fairy land.  Another modification idea I had but didn’t have time to do, would be to carve a tooth on the lid.  Along with the boxes arrival in our mailbox, it had a hand written note from the Tooth Fairy explaining what to do with it.  Always good to keep in mind the enjoyment kids get from these subtleties and how their imaginations run wild.

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