The plans for the cross cut/miter sled combo are now available for purchase.  They took me a lot longer than expected to draw up but the time was well spent.  Also, once a year a group of friends and myself take a road trip to go camping and have sort of a guys weekend.  It’s packed full of campfires, lakes and fun in the sun.  This year we stumbled across weinerfest and a guy making chainsaw carved benches.  It is safe to say for that particular weekend of the year, we never really know what to expect.  And a big thank you to all of you who have sent me kind letters and whatnot.  It is always nice to hear from you guys that you enjoy what I’m doing.  I never would have been able to predict what a great time I would have making woodworking content for everyone and what a great community this really is.  You guys are the best!

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  1. Gord

    I’ve seen alot of sleds being made and i really like this one . and you did a great job with it . your very clear in your instructions . id like to purchase the plans for yours but i will have to figure out how to do that , as i have not purchsed plans before

    • Nick

      Thank you very much – I see you were able to figure out how to buy them, thanks for the support! If you have any questions on them let me know.


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