I spend longer than I should online looking at things being made & created.  I always say my brain is like a sponge and I feel the need to soak up as much information as I can.  These are some things along the way that I find noteworthy and worth a look.  Although not always directly woodworking related, it is still very interesting stuff.  Some of the videos are from newer small channels and some from huge established channels, but all would appreciate your support of a like, share or comment about their projects.  I don’t have a set schedule per say for these posts, I just share them as I find some cool stuff.

Jason Rausch

Jason’s circuit board & box joint jig had a love child and it’s amazing!


Simple Cove

Legos can be fun for both kids and adults but you don’t always want to see them.  Here’s a cool Lego table with reversible top.


BearKat Wood

I showed some of Brian’s work before. He is trying to make more videos.  This awesome saw till is worth the watch!


Epilog Laser

Laser cutting foam tool holders.  This kind of organization makes me drool!


Stumpy Nubs

Stumpy makes a really cool wood safe with working combination lock!


Dave Stanton

I’m not sure if this Festool Sys-Vac is available in the states, but it is a pretty cool design none-the-less.


Jay Bates

A really stout workbench made from 2×10’s.  Jay is going to be enjoying this one for years.  Would be a cool guy to visit 😉




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