Chopping a 2×4 in half with a knife?  I didn’t even know that was a thing, so cool!  Not only chopping a 2×4 but a myriad of other oddball items.  How about cutting moving golf balls in half?  I really need to try this!  The other one that really caught my attention was the nearly silent electric free table saw.  A lot of really cool ones this time.  Some of the videos are from newer small channels and some from huge established channels, but all would appreciate your support of a like, share or comment about their projects.  I don’t have a set schedule per se for these posts, I just share them as I find some cool stuff.



Almost Silent Table Saw?

Very interesting concept of a powerless almost silent table saw I hadn’t seen before.


Veneer Lamp

Woodworking videos that show some interesting techniques and out of the box thinking always seem to grab my attention.


The Ox In The Shop

Another lamp but this one can charge your mobile devices.  His very first video on his channel so show him some love!


Izzy Swan

A leather hinge? Why not.


Knife Cutting Competition

What?  I didn’t even know this was a thing but it is so cool!  Cutting a 2×4 for a knife? At 1:47 my jaw dropped!


Jay Bates & Myself

When I was at Jays’s we made this small cabinet for his front porch.  His editing to music is always cool!



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