I spend longer than I should online looking at things being made & created.  These are some things along the way that I find noteworthy and worth a look.  This week we have a very good friend of mine that got a Wood-Mizer Sawmill, a homemade worm sorting machine, soldering wood & more!  Although not always directly woodworking related, it is still very interesting stuff.  Some of the videos are from newer small channels and some from huge established channels, but all would appreciate your support of a like, share or comment about their projects.  I don’t have a set schedule per say for these posts, I just share them as I find some cool stuff.

Nicholas Gomez

Homemade vibratory worm sorting table.  Never thought I would type that sentence, but it is a pretty cool contraption.


Michael Lawing

He said he was inspired by my plane restoration & figured he’d give it a go.  Some cool stop motion editing.  He’s new to the youtube scene so show him some love!


Steve Carmichael

Steve almost has themed woodworking down to a science.  Saw Squawk anyone?


One Wood

Warren wants to know if you can solder wood?  The end result is pretty cool.


Matt Cremona

Roughing out some green wood blanks for bowls.  A lot of great information in this one!


Maker Movement?

Some of you may have heard me say before that I really don’t care for the “maker” moniker.  People throughout time have needed to make and fix things to survive.  So having fancy verbiage to denote these people seems silly to me.  But maybe I will expand on that a different day.  In the meantime, this funny video spoofs how serious the “movement” can take things.


Ted Alexander

I’ve been friends with Ted for a bit now.  He’s a really good guy & I was pretty happy to see he finally got his Wood Mizer Sawmill.  Hoping to visit him & test that thing out for myself and mill up some lumber!

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  1. knowwhatmomknows

    I Like Toast…hahahahahahahahahahahaha….THE MAKER…..lol…Amazing Nick…Loved It….I like to read and watch the videos you put out…and yes…ALL Very Noteworthy Indeed….but that Maker One was bar non the best and says it ALL for our MAKER Movement…lol

  2. Dave (KSFWG)

    Liked that you included our pal Ted and his mill in this Noteworthy. He did tell you that it’s BYOT, didn’t he? (Bring Your Own Trees) lol

    • John L.

      I really enjoyed the SawSquawk video. I was fully expecting to see you use a SawStop during the build, but delightedly noticed the same Craftsman 113 model table saw that I have. Have you made any modifications to your table saw to improve it’s function?

      • Nick

        That was Steve Carmichael’s video – I think he mentioned in a video adding a folding wing to his saw but you’d have to ask him

  3. Peter Horoszowski

    Despite that fact that i consider myself a “maker” I’d take another label since it’s just a word. However the “people have been making things to survive” comment is silly to me. I think the point is that people have forgotten those skills completely. So much is done for us automatically that the lack of understanding in how things work or are made by those around me scares the hell out of me. Craftsmen/Educators such as yourself are vital and if labeling the “movement” helps people be interested I’m all for it.

    Also I wasn’t sure if the video was mocking makers or document film producers 😉

    • Nick

      I would say it’s mocking both – my “making things to survive” is referencing the fact of what you said about things being done automatically for us – I was also using the word “survive” rather loosely – whether it be a caveman “making” a fire for heat or a simple flat tire being changed – people are too quick to call someone, or if something breaks, get a new one rather than repair the old one – I grew up around hard working people that thought things through, worked with their hands and made due with what they had – they didn’t seem to need a label, they were just doing what they do – either out of necessity or sometimes in leisure – I don’t lose any sleep over it, but it just seems some NEED to create a label for what people have been doing for eons – I find it comical is all

      I’m a huge proponent of getting people into wanting to work with their hands – the reason they should have interest in doing it, is for pride of being useful or having a sense of accomplishment rather than to be part of a label or movement

  4. kylebruns

    The “moniker movement” is annoying. Woodworkers are “Makers”, Photographers and Graphic designers are “Creatives”. I find that those who like to wear these monikers tend to be a bit exclusionary and difficult to be around. Oh, you don’t cut dovetails with a 5micrometer kerf Norwegian Schloknok blade? Then your not serious about being a maker, are you? ‘Cause a real “Maker” sleeps in the buff on the pile of mahogany that will be his next project so that he can truly feel the grain and become one with it. Until you do that, you can never truly “make” anything.
    I find that the great ones in any trade is usually a teacher at heart and looks to share his passion with others, knowing we all being somewhere in this journey. They don’t look for a new title to separate themselves from those who aren’t as awesome as they are.
    Sorry for the crazy rant, just touched a sore spot with me I guess.


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