Zip ties or cable ties are one of those things that a shop almost needs to have.  I would like to imagine zip ties and duct tape are close relatives or in the very least, best buddies.  I have used zip ties in more unconventional ways than I’d ever admit.  From strapping down tarps and holding up signs, to the ever so popular impromptu belt for your pants.  Had I had zip ties with me at the time, I wouldn’t be banned from that Denny’s off I35 in Des Moines, but that’s neither here nor there.  The only problem I have had with zip ties is not being able to keep track of them in the shop.  A small half used bag here and some lose ones tucked in a drawer there.  It was time for me to muster up my inner OCD and make an organizer.  While I had contemplated some PVC screwed to the wall with duct tape bottoms, it didn’t seem to have that je ne sais quoi that my shop projects always seem to have to have.  It is this perplexing proclivity that nade me want to make a cable tie holder fit for a king.  That is if kings like modern hardware store displays.  Enough jibber jabber, on with the build!!!!

Most of my projects start on the table saw on my crosscut sled.  This project is no exception.  I began by cutting two pieces to size to act as the holders for the PVC pipe.


Once I had my two pieces cut, I used some painters tape to join the together temporarily so I could cut the holes in both pieces at the same time.  The helps ensure the pieces will be identical.  Carpet tape would also work in this case.


I used my marking gauge to locate where the holes needed to be drilled.


To keep the drill bit from wandering off of my drilling location, I made a little indentation with an awl.  This gives the bit somewhere to start.

A FREE hole layout can be found here in plans.


Two of the holes to be drilled where going to be smaller to fit 1 1/4″ PVC pipe.  I marked those holes with some chalk to make sure I didn’t drill those the same size as the larger ones.


I figured I would try a bit I haven’t used before to see what kind of results I’d get.  They were not good.  It was an adjustable spade bit.  It wanted to hog away too much material and at least for sheet stock I will continue using my circle cutting bit.Zip-Tie-Holder8 Zip-Tie-Holder9

Despite the mediocre results, I finished drilling the hole for the PVC pipe.

Zip-Tie-Holder10 Zip-Tie-Holder11 Zip-Tie-Holder12

Above you can see the circle cutting bit and the results I get with it.  I would say this is the perfect tool for cutting odd sized through holes.


After test fitting the PVC, a couple holes needed to be enlarged slightly for a good friction fit.  This was quickly done on an oscillating spindle sander.


Cutting round objects on woodworking tools can be tricky.  I recommend clamping the workpiece in place and going slowly through the cut.  An alternative method would be to use a reciprocating sawhacksaw, or PVC cutter.

Sizes and lengths to cut the PVC

2″ PVC

2@ 12″

3@ 9″

3@ 6″

2@ 4.5″

1  1/4″ PVC

2@ 3″


I glue each of the pipes to the 1/4″ MDF using CA glue.  I put wax paper underneath to prevent it from sticking to my bench.


I added some extra glue to the bottom to fill in any gaps for extra insurance.

Zip-Tie-Holder17 Zip-Tie-Holder18

Sliding the second piece over the PVC, I made sure it was parallel to the bottom, and tacked it in place with some more CA glue.


Using my DA sander I made sure the bottom surfaces were nice and flush.


I glued on a piece of MDF to the bottom to prevent the zip ties from falling through.  You could do stop holes in a thicker piece of wood for the base instead, but I had a bunch of this 1/4″ MDF leftover from another project I was working on.

Zip-Tie-Holder21 Zip-Tie-Holder22

After that, it was just a matter of gluing up some more MDF to make a bottom drawer cavity.  I really had no rhyme or reason to the size of this part.  It ended up being 4.5″ tall or so.


I finished the box by sanding everything flush and knocking off any sharp edges.

Here is a detailed video on how I made the drawer for the opening.


A couple leftover scraps made for a light duty handle for the drawer.

Zip-Tie-Holder25 Zip-Tie-Holder26

A small line of CA glue to hold the handle in place is all it takes.

Zip-Tie-Holder27 Zip-Tie-Holder28 Zip-Tie-Holder29

After loading it up with zip ties I added a couple dividers in the drawer to hold some cable tie mounts and electrical tape.  You can find a complete list of the zip ties down below.


It’s always nice to have a zip tie gun when you need it as well.

Cable (ZIP) Ties & Extras

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Well that is it.  As of now the holder just sits out of the way on a bench but I think I made add some french cleats to it in the future and hang it on a wall.  If you have any questions or comments, make sure and leave them below.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out!

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  1. Dave Miller

    Nice zip tie solution! But I gotta say this – and I’m not being mean or anything – but you spend entirely too much time in Zip Ties – R – Us… 😉 Before retirement I worked in I.T. and for a time was in personal computer support. I used small zip ties to keep wires out of the way and all nice and neat and such. But I never had the need for that collection of zip ties. lol But if you have them, you might as well know where they’re at, right? Cuz you just never know… :)

    • Nick

      I wish I had pictures of some of the odd ways I have used them – just in theater alone they are almost as invaluable to me as gaffers tape – and I doubt they have meetings for zip ties anonymous, lol

    • Nick

      happy to hear that man – I always struggle with to show and what to leave out – I’m always glad to hear someone can pick up something from the videos

  2. David Kidd

    Thanks for another detailed build. I don’t see the zip tie tool or mounts listed in your links. Any recommendations?

    Hey I’ve enjoyed the various videos you’ve done with April and others. I think a video and article of making the instructional videos would be really interesting. Cameras, microphones, editing, voice overlay, etc. While I don’t plan to start producing videos for YouTube, I do have a digital SLR and have always thought it would be interesting to record some of my projects.

    I appreciate that you guys are open to showing your mistakes as we ALL make them; some of us more than others.

    Great job!

    • Nick

      The zip tie gun and mounts are listed above – I have been wanting to do a video on what it is I do to make videos for a while – it’s on my list of things to do – Steve Ramsey made one not too long ago which you can check out here


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