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You are entering to win everything you will need to make my table saw sled.  It has served me very well since I designed and built it and I wanted to give you the chance to make one of your own for free.  All of the aluminum, swing stop, plans and even the wood to make it.  Sharing on social media gives you 3 additional entries per person that signs up through your shared link.  By entering you are added to my weekly email newsletter as well.  I never give out personal information.  See the Terms & Conditions page for privacy policy.  Eligible to US residents ONLY.  
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30 Responses

  1. Phil Cusimano

    Your awesome Nick, always will give advice when I ask you. You do such great project and watching your channel. Keep up the awesome videos!

      • Phil Cusimano

        Always Nick! Your always so very nice to me, and you produce excellent video that are definitely worth watching! In a short time I’ve become a huge fan of your woodworking! Thanks for putting in all the time and effort to produce all the content!

      • David Detomas

        Nick, Ihave been trying to enter your sled give away and your site keeps saying plug-in not acceptable!!

  2. Gabriel

    New fan here. Found you through Jay’s channel when you, April, and him teamed up. Keep up the great tutorials!

  3. Dan Philie

    Thanks Nick for sharing
    Great job with the videos
    From New Hampshire

  4. Al B - From Central CA

    Hi Nick. After watching your build video I bought the plans for the sled. Man, the video excellent and detailed. No doubt I’ll be a fan for a long time to come. Thank you Nick!

  5. Ed Bachmann

    Thanks, Nick, for the great promo activity…and thanks to the sponsor! Is there another way to get the link to share on FB? (My tablet’s version of Chrome doesn’t support the plugin that presented the link after submitting my initial entry.

    Happy 2017!

    • Nick

      thanks – not entirely sure how all versions of browsers interact with it – wish I could be more help

  6. Chad

    I don’t normally even enter giveaways because I always feel like it’s probably something someone else would need more, but this one I’m REALLY hoping to win! I have been meaning to build my table saw sled for a few weeks now! And the miter insert too!
    Too awesome!
    Thanks for doing the giveaway Nick!

  7. Jeff

    I hope I win, it is perfect timing since I am in the market for a nice sled.

  8. Adrian

    Like the sled plans. I purchased the plans, dowloadload the plans but…
    I deleted the plans and would like to download the plans again. How do I do that.


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