I think it’s obvious I spend longer than I should online looking at things being made & created.  I like all sorts of videos but always seem to like videos of things being created.  Some of the videos are from newer small channels and some from huge established channels, but all would appreciate your support of a like, share or comment about their projects.  I don’t have a set schedule per say for these posts, I just share them as I find some cool stuff.


Patrick Soriano

The thought and design that goes into a seemingly simple chair.


Kyle Toth

Kyle shows his jig for beveling edges on large table tops.


Raw Craft

Anthony Bourdain visits a master bladesmith, Bob Kramer.  A very interesting watch.


Fast Cabinets

This vid is about fast workers but the guy assembling the cabinets is what caught my attention.  He must have made a few of those before.


Pipe Repair

While not woodworking, I really dig an videos that show “thinking outside the box”.  I think it’s good for the brain.


Some precision saw blade sharpening!


A Glimpse Inside

Chris repurposes and old window into a new cabinet that he distresses.  Pretty cool stuff, give him a look.


Matt Cremona

Matt and I have known each other for a number of years now.  He is a solid dude with some amazing talent and he has just passed 100,000 subscribers on his youtube channel.  Check him out if you aren’t already familiar!

Here is a sawmill he just finished that he built completely from scratch.

Matt & Nick

This was such a fun video to do with Matt.  I just had to share it for those who may have missed it.





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