Hobby metal?  Metal dowels?  Tubing? Flat bar?  I really had a tough time naming this project.  I think I can sleep comfortably calling it a “Metal Dowel Rod Holder Organizer Thing”.  Ever since I was a young child, around 8 or 9, I have been accumulating small metal stock.  I’ve used it in anything from remote control cars, model making, prop making, wood inlays, etc.  In fact I have a router jig project coming up where I need some aluminum round bar.  These sort of items just tend to get tossed into a junk drawer over time.  Many times coming out damaged or lost in many cases.  I was recently “cleaning” my shop and stopped to make a bigger mess in order to clean up and get more organized.  On a side note, I think what always appears to be a huge mess in my shop is me putting off organizing it until I can do it right.  Or at least that’s what I tell myself.  Either way, now all my little brass and aluminum pieces have a happy and healthy home.  Let me know if you guys are the same way when it comes to odds and ends in your shop.  Do you finally break down and build something to keep it all together?



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Automatic Center Punch

Circle Cutter

Forstner Bits


Glue Gun

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