Eventually in your woodworking endeavours you will find a need for thin material.  Maybe it’s for spline material, inlays, dutchman, veneer, bending and/or glue laminates.  Heck, maybe it’s for lining the inside of your 80’s era fanny pack collection display case, I don’t judge.  Whatever the reason, woodworkers find themselves needing to cut and make thin material.  Many times this can be done at the table saw.  But even with that, you are limited to the depth of cut of your table saw and you still have saw blade marks on the surface of the wood.  What if you need wider boards thinned down to finish your project?  I turn to my thickness planer.  Many thickness planers on the market have limits to how thin you can plane down wood.  To sidestep that issue I like to make a planer sled.  Basically it’s a backer board to raise your workpiece up off the planer bed and give you an attachment point in which you can reference off of.  Call it an arboriculturist’s step stool for the thickness impaired.  Backer board sounds better.  Either way, it’s a quick and easy way to help you make thin wood veneers in your shop.


Tools Used:

Thickness Planer

Table Saw


Glue Gun

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  1. knowwhatmomknows

    No Lie Nick….But I have been looking for a small thickness planner to do exactly what you do here in your video. I found a hobby one on Micro Mark and its about $300 for it. This small one would be great as it can plane down to a very thin stock. I need it for Marquetry that I do (working on it ) and I only work with my SADUSDO. I have really been able to tweak my SADUSDO To a Quality Product (way better then that sample I sent you out a year or two ago) Anyway….we have a large standard planner and Shane and I talked about doing just what you did here for the SADUSDO to get my homemade Veneer nice, thin and even. But we both just were thinking that the hot glue would make a mess of the thin veneer and it would not be work it. However, watching jut how easy this was for you….with a simple 4 dabs of the glue, this has given me hope that opens up a door for possibility that this could work For Me Too. Its super cold in our shop right now….we have been having 40 below windchill at times the last 2 weeks. So….when we can get a warm up….this seems soon …..and when I try this on my SADUSDO As you have done in your video, I will surely write you back and let you know how it turned out. I super appreceate you taking the time to make this Tips video. Some things may seem simple, or like every woodworker knows….however this is not always the case, and like us, we figured that hot glue simply would make a mess and possibly make the planned wood or SADUSDO Just break all apart…. Thanks so much!! HA HA….I just thought of something….We need to go buy a Glue Gun now…haha. Oh….and your bloopers were AWESOMELY FUNNY….haha…It was fun to hear your lovely wife in the video and it was such fun to hear you have a genuine good time laughing….haha…Glad you did that at the end for added “STARDOM” 😉

    Shelly Cole
    aka “MOM” 😉

    • Nick

      thanks Shelly – you will have to let me know how it works out for you – should do a pretty good job at making you some veneers – in the very least to get you to try a couple different ways of doing it

  2. dzawacki

    Is there a plugin you use for the “Tools Used” section of your post? I’ve been looking for something where I can specify the common tools and materials used in each build project but without having to type it out and link every single time.

      • dzawacki

        I figured out a way to to it using the Advance Custom Fields plugin and some minor finagling of my template. It’s not perfect, but now I can quickly select my tools from my “Toolbox” for each post.

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