I often get asked about what tools I own or what tools people should buy.  I don’t tell people what tools to buy, rather I tell them that they need to find what works for them.  People put different importance levels on different tools.  Budgets for tools can often dictate purchases.  All I can say is try them out.  Figure out if it’s a tool they will be using often or a tool that they will rarely use.  For me, my table saw and cordless drills get used the most.  For others it may be a bandsaw & a lathe.  Here is a list of some of the more significant items I have that make it possible for me to do what I love so much.  Most of the links are Amazon.com affiliate links & if you order anything through those links it helps support what I do.  Even if you buy a different product from the actual link itself.  If you have any questions about any tools you have seen me use and/or it is not on the list, let me know, I will add it.


Large Tools / Equipment

Table Saw – SawStop PCS 3hp w/ 36″ T-glide fence

Miter Saw – Makita 10″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Large Bandsaw – 14″ 2.5 hp Bandsaw

Small Bandsaw – Rikon 10″ Bench Top Bandsaw

1″ Belt Sander – Central Machinery 1″ Wide Belt Sander

Belt/Disc Sander – 4″ Belt Sander & Disc Sander Combo*

Spindle Sander – 1/3hp Oscillating Spindle Sander

Thickness Planer – 13″ Ridgid Bench Top Thickness Planer

Air Compressor – 60 Gallon Oiled Vertical Air Compressor*

Drill Press – 10 inch Drill Press*

Router Table – Table Top And Leg Kit

Router Lift – Precision Router Lift

Hollow Chisel Mortiser – Delta Mortising Machine

Jointer – 6″ Bench Top Jointer*

Bench Grinder – High Speed Bench-Top Grinder

Wet Grinder – Slow Speed Wet Grinder

Shop Air Conditioner – Mini Split

Ambient Air Filter – Ceiling Mount Air Filtration



Hand Tools

Cordless Tool Kit – Makita Cordless Tool Kit

Cordless Drill & Impact Driver – Makita Cordless 18v Combo

Card Scraper – Crown Cabinet Scraper

Jig Saw – Makita 18v Cordless Jig Saw

Plate Joiner – Biscuit Slot Cutter*

Portable Mortising Machine – XL DF 700 Domino Joiner

Hand Chisels – 8pc Chisel Set

Hand Chisels – FastCap Folding Pocket Chisels

Branding Stamp – Signature Stamp

Plunge Palm Router – Perfect For Mortises

Palm Router –  1hp Palm Router

Large Router – 2 1/4 hp Router

Router Motor – Router Table Motor

Brad Nailer – 2″ Air Brad Nailer

Pin Nailer – 23 Gauge 1″ Pinner

Tape Applicator – Automatic Double Sided Tape Applicator

Point Setter – Logan Framing Point Setter

Glue Gun – Hot Melt Hot Glue Gun

Diamond Stones – Inexpensive Diamond Honing Plates

T-Handle Hex Drivers – Metric

T-Handle Hex Drivers – Imperial

T-handle Drivers – Torx


Blades & Bits

Counter Sinks – W.L. Fuller Pilot & Counter Sink Bit Set

One Counter Sink – For #8 Wood Screws

Brad Points – Brad Point Drill Bit Set

Vix Bits – Self Centering Drill bits

Forstner Bits – 7 Piece Kit For Flat Bottom Holes

Forstner Bits – Large 16 Piece Set

Table Saw Blade – Freud Fusion 40 Tooth Combination Blade

Rip Blade – Freud 30 Tooth Glue Line Rip Blade

Plywood Blade – Freud 80 Tooth Plywood & Melamine Blade

Miter Saw Blade – 80 Tooth ATB Cut-Off Saw Blade

Dado Blade Set – 8″ Dado Blade Set

Carbide Grinding Wheel – Angle Grinder Wheel for Wood


Marking & Measuring

Digital Angle Gauge – Table Saw Blade Angle Gauge

FlatBack Tape Measure – Flat Retractable Tape Measure

Standard Tape Measure – 16′ Standard Tape Measure

Marking Knife – Video #1Video #2

6″ Calipers – 6″ Analog Calipers

Long Nose Marker – Long Reach Pattern Marker

Center Finder – Center Finding Jig For Square and Circle Stock

Stud Finder – With Lights to Indicate Stud Size & Location


Lathe – G0766

5″ Chuck – Hurricane 4 Jaw 5″ Chuck

Turning Tool – High Speed Steel Toolset

Wheel Dresser – Diamond Coated Grinding Wheel Dresser

Sharpening Jig – One Way Wolverine Sharpening Jig

Gouge Jig – Wolverine Vari-Grind Attachment

Drill Chuck – Penn State Industries MT2 Tailstock Drill Chuck

Live Center – Penn State Industries MT2 Tailstock Live Center

Vacuum Chuck – Vacuum Generator and 6″ Holding Cup



Jigs & Fixtures

Table Saw Crosscut & Miter Sled

Tenoning Jig – Table Saw Tenon Jig

Feather Board – Magnetic Feather Board

Small Pocket Hole Jig – Kreg Jig R3

Large Pocket Hole Jig – Kreg K5

Hold Down Clamp – 500# Toggle Clamp

Dog Clamp (In-line)

Dog Clamp (Toggle)


Drawer Slide – Ball Bearing Over-extension Slides

Shop Stuff

Mini Split Air Conditioner – Ductless Wall Mount Air Conditioner & Heat Pump

Garage Heater – Ceiling Mount Natural Gas Heater

Ambient Air Filter – Ceiling Mount Air Filtration

Ceiling Lights – Fluorescent Ceiling Hang Work Lights – I have 3 rows of 3 in a 450 sq. foot Shop

Fluorescent Bulbs – 6500K Daylight Balanced Bulbs

Flush Mount Power Strips – 110 volt & USB chargers


Wood Glue – Titebond 2 Glue For Most Projects

CA Glue – FastCap 2P-10 CA (cyanoacrylate) Glue

Spray Adhesive – 3M Supper 77 Spray Glue

Dust Mask – MSA Multi-Purpose Respirator

Glue Bottle – GluBot

Flexible Sandpaper – Great for contours – rubber grip back

Sanding Sponges – Foam Sanding Blocks

Finish Sponges – 320 Grit Foam Sanders For Finish

Sanding Pads – Finish Sanding Pads For Metal or Wood

FastBreak – Hand Edge Sander

Carpet Tape – Great for patterns or temporarily keeps pieces together

Paste Wax – Used For Finishing & Making Jigs Slide Smoothly

Table Top Clips – Fasteners For Attaching Table Tops


Spray Lacquer – Aerosol Satin Lacquer

Wipe-On Poly – Satin Wipe on Polyurethene

Brushing Poly – Water Based Satin Polyurethane


Bar Clamps – Aluminum Bar clamps*

Parallel Clamps – Bessey K-Body

F-Style – Bessey Bar Clamps

Fence Clamps – Sacrificial Fence Clamps


Router Bits

Spiral Up-Cut – 1/4″ Spiral Bit

Spiral Down-Cut – 1/4″ Spiral Bit

T-Slot Cutting Bit – For attaching Hardware To Jigs & Fixtures

T-Slot Cutting Bit – For Point Of Purchase Slat Walls

Raised Panel Set – Rail and Stile Raised Panel Router Bit Set

Chamfer Bit – 45 degree with 1/4″ Shank

Round Over Set – 1/2″ Shank w/ Changeable Bearing For Beading

Roman Ogee – 1/4″ Shank Double Roman Ogee Profile

24 Piece Set – 1/4″ Shank Beginners Set

70 Piece Set – 1/2″ Shank Intermediate Set

Flush Trim Bit – 1/4″ Shank Straight Flush Trim Bit

Pattern Bit – 1/2″ Shank Spiral Patterning Bit


Other Tools/Equipment & Machines

Vinyl Plotter


Recording Equipment

Quick Release Plates – Camera Quick Release Plates

Studio Lights – Soft Boxes

Main Camera – Nikon D5100 (discontinued)

Second Camera

Audio Recorder – Tascam DR-40

Shotgun Microphone – VidPro XM-55 Shotgun Microphone

Lavalier Microphone – Wireless Microphone

Editing Software – I bounce between Final Cut Pro X (mac) & Adobe Premier

Camera Stabilizer – 3 Axis Handheld Steady Gimbal




*some products are no longer manufactured or only available local to me – substitution for a similar product