Circle Headshot smallI have been into tools and tinkering as far back as I can remember.  I started woodworking when I was 12 and started a woodworking/craft business less than a year later with a friend.  It wasn’t anything special and didn’t last too long.  We mostly made small items like oak shelves and candle holders.  I was the type of child to get a r/c car or toy and want to take it apart right away to see how it worked.

I was lucky enough that when I moved from middle school to high school my shop teacher transferred schools too.  So I ended up having the same shop teacher for 7 years.  This was nice as we had already built a good rapport.  If not for him I most likely wouldn’t be as into building things as I am today.  When I was in 7th grade my mother actually called my shop teacher to have him tell me not to pursue woodworking because it was too dangerous.  Luckily he didn’t listen to her.  Now with kids of my own I can see where she was coming from, but with the right appreciation for tools and what they can do, I don’t see them as any more risky than most other things in life.  The use of uncommon common sense is key.

I love to learn new techniques and methods in any form of creating things.  I believe that people who tinker, have brains that are like sponges and are always wanting to learn more about the things around them.  Can I design that, can I build it?  Well, there is only one way to find out!

My tools allow me to make so many things.  After numerous requests for a list of my tools, I have put together a Tool Page.



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