I wanted to try and make a stylish shelf that was easy to make and easy on the wallet.  I started out with a pine 1×6 that measured 6 feet long.  Then I could mark out where to make the cuts.

(ep23) simple shelves1

Once you have your pieces cut you can glue and nail them together.  If you don’t have a brad nailer you can use finish nails and a hammer but I would recommend pre-drilling the wood to avoid splitting.

(ep23) simple shelves4

Then I added some blocks for the hanging hardware.

(ep23) simple shelves5

Being I was going to paint my project, I used some drywall joint compound to fill in any imperfections or nail holes.

(ep23) simple shelves6

Once the joint compound had dried, I could then sand it smooth and apply a coat of black paint.

(ep23) simple shelves6a

Then attach some keyhole hardware to the back brackets

(ep23) simple shelves8(ep23) simple shelves9

I ended up using flat black latex paint I didn’t like the flat appearance of it so I added a coat of spray lacquer because it was satin and it added more protection.

(ep23) simple shelves7

I could then mount the shelf on two screws that I put in the wall.

(ep23) simple shelves10(ep23) simple shelves11

Below you can find my build video.


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