When I get a new tool (it doesn’t matter which) I feel the need to try it out right away.  What I normally try it out on normally doesn’t even pertain to a particular project I am working on.  This has been something I have never outgrown since I got my first power tool back around 1993.  I am also curious to see whether or not you guys would have any interest in seeing my setup for doing youtube videos.  It isn’t overly complex by any means, but I have had a couple people ask about it.  Oh and, from my experiences, fat guys like cupcakes.


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  1. TIm

    I have a Wixey digital gage and use it any time I change the angle on my saw. My 45° and 90° hard stops are set, but I like to check. The gage worked perfectly when I needed to cut 22.5° miters for a flag box.
    I did find other uses, as well, to measure angles drilling (table to spindle) and to reverse engineer items.

    • Nick

      very cool – I ordered one on amazon and got it a week or so ago – I am impressed with the accuracy – I imagine I will be using this thing a lot!


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