Jay Bates, April Wilkerson, and myself have a weekly woodworking podcast. Aptly titled “The Woodworking Podcast”. Here’s the latest episode.  For all of the show notes visit the
 or you can choose to download the episode.

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  1. Stephen Coster

    Hiya, I’ve been enjoying your three video channels for some time now but have only just found your podcasts and they are phenomenaly good. Thank you all so much for the hard work you put into all your work. I’m trying to learn to be a silversmith not a woodworker but I’m learning a lot about having to adapt myself and how to do things, from you all. I’m disabled but I try hard to not let that have any control of how I do thing or how I cope. Best of luck for the future and I hope you can reallise your dreams… Steve

    • Nick

      thanks for the kind words Steve – it seems like you have the right attitude about it – try to adapt skills from other trades and see possibilities, not limitations – best of luck to you too!


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