I am mixing things up a bit and I decided to move FerryTalk over to my main channel and gauge how it goes.  No particular reason for the move, I just testing to see if others have interest in it as well.  I got one heck of a mailbag this week, receiving a cyclone, Kreg Jig and a Shapeoko2 CNC machine from Inventables.  Also I quickly go over plans for my workbench.


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  1. Nateswoodworks

    I always enjoy watching you learn, thankyou for your humble approach. I was wondering where you live since seeing you visit Matts place, I live in Springfield (Redwood Falls, New Ulm area) and my dad lives in Brooklyn Park. I’m hoping sometime later this year to stop at Matts, I never get to sit and talk woodworking with anyone in person so looking forward to that. Also, have you considered going to Handworks in Amana IA this May, I can’t wait! Keep up the great work.
    God bless,

    • Nick

      I’m 4.5 hours away from Matt in WI – I’ve never been to Handworks, is it a wood show? – With going to WIA this year my budget is spread pretty thin, but I’m curious to hear more


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