I was recently asked by a local theater company to make a prop for an upcoming play.  They wanted me to make what I thought was an organ grinder.  As it turns out, an organ grinder is the person who plays a barrel organ or a “street organ” as it is sometimes called.  My main goal for this video is to show the unexacting nature to some theater builds.  A lot of woodworking is the kind where measurements matter and “close enough” isn’t good enough.  This particular build took me a bit over an hour to make and was made entirely from scrap wood laying around their prop shop.  Whether it is for theater or not, a quick shop build on a saturday afternoon can sometimes be just as rewarding as a more complex project.  After all, we all love the craft of building and making.  Being out in the shop is still shop time.  Happy Building!

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    • Nick

      this particular shop is nice and big but the table saw is kind of a clunker – different shops all have their challenges – it’s all fun though


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