I may or may not be too particular about some of the materials I use.  Granted hardboard can be a more durable substrate for work surfaces and workbench tops, I still prefer 1/4″ MDF.  Are you a creative person?  If so, organization can be difficult.  It is hard to put an idea or thought aside to make sure you are cleaning as you go.  I have struggled through the years to stay organized and it seems to be daunting concept to wrap my head around.  Another thing that seems to make me less productive in my shop is not having all of the necessary supplies and hardware for day to day projects.  Screws are always something I seem to be running out to the hardware store to get.  I am hoping that having a well stocked supply at my fingertips will help me stay on track and not waste too many trips back and forth to get what I need.  I stumbled upon Spax screws a few years back and I really like using them.  My goal was to pick up a different sized package each time I am at the store picking up other things.  This way I don’t have to drop too much cash on trying to get the whole set all at once.  Once my wood screw set is finished, I plan on moving on to getting a good variety of 1/4″-20 fasteners.  Everything from different lengths to different head styles as well as nuts, washers and locking nuts.  Along with having the proper fasteners, my plan is to also improve how I store the items I use in my shop.

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