Workshop organization hasn’t always been a struggle for me but a lot of the time it has.  I really don’t like making “quick” storage that “will do for now”.  So I have ramped up my efforts to have a “home” for the odds and ends the seem to magically accumulate on any flat surface in my shop.  Is it perfect?  No, but I feel like I’m off to a good start.  Let me know in the comment below if you have this struggle and what you have done about it.  I also had Charlie Kocourek in the shop following WIA 2016.  He is the brains behind the Jack Bench adjustable height workbench.  We did an interview while he was here and that should be out in a few weeks.  Tommy G (Tommy Gonzales) sent me some lathe tools that he made.  He knew I recently bought a lathe and was nice enough to make me some tools to get started.  That brings me to the lathe.  I have had a few people ask about my recent acquisition.  Most asking what make and model it is.  Trying to make a long story short, I painted my lathe.  Firstly, the factory color really didn’t appeal to me and the black on grey I changed it to made it a more suitable fit.  Secondly, I really don’t want to display brand colors and give free advertising to companies.  If you want me to expand on that topic in the future let me know.  It could be a separate article itself and I think it should be talked about in further detail.

Links to everything I had talked about in this episode are listed below.  Thank you and have an awesome day!


Video Links:

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