In my shop I get more use from my Mapp gas torch than I ever give thought to.  From heating up seized fasteners and melting frayed ends of rope to antiquing metal and molding plastics, I never seem to have a good home for it.  I had to change that.  By doing this project I am introducing a new segment to my video making.  I am calling it a “FerryQuickBuild”.  Basically these are projects that don’t take but maybe an hour or two to complete that I seem to be undertaking without any type of plan or measurements to go by.  Maybe it is just me fulfilling attention deficit quota for the day.  On this day for example I went into my shop to clean and the first thing I grabbed was my Mapp gas torch.  It didn’t have a permanent spot to be put away and now was the time to make one.  These types of posts will be sporadic with very little in the ways of video editing.  Just quick and simple builds that I figured people would still be interested in seeing.  Thanks for checking it out and as always leave any questions or comment you may have down below.  Take Care!

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  1. Mark

    Clever idea with the retaining “clips ” Might have to make one myself.


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