Hitting 40,000 subscribers on YouTube was a really cool event for me.  Not only is that a huge number for me, but it was also my goal for 2015.  Goals keep me off the couch.  Sharing that same milestone with another woodworker on the same day was even cooler.  Steve Carmichael also hit 40K on the same day!  I recently featured one of his projects in a Noteworthy Woodworking where he made a frame to encase a drum head his son had played in the Macy’d Thanksgiving Day Parade.  His channel is worth checking out if you haven’t already.  It was a pleasure to meet Steve and he is such a jovial guy.  It is no wonder why we get along.  You can also check out his website which showcases a lot of the stuff he has been working on in what he calls “his wife’s side of the garage”.  And a huge thank you to all my subscribers for getting me to 40,000!


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Steve and I

Steve and I w/ a photobomb from Chris Shey

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  1. Steve Adams

    My doorboard has Ridgid saw on one side and Porter cable 3/8 upcut bit on the other


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