Ty Moser – MonoLoco Workshop

Making Since:

Off and on since 1999, increased in 2012 when I started sharing projects online

Hails From:

Preston Idaho (home of Napoleon Dynamite)

Primary Genre:

Woodworking with a hybrid style (or at least attempting it)

Secondary Genre:

Everything else…metal, concrete, electronics

Size Shop and Type:

20’x20’ garage (it’s all mine)


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Favorite Tool & Why:

Table Saw because it’s the primary workhorse of my shop (I do love my planes though..)


Fixing my mistakes (I might have a better specialty if I would ever build the same thing twice)

Lumber Rack

Ty’s Rolling Lumber Rack

What do you find most appealing to woodworking?

I like that I can actually hold something physical in my hand after a hard day’s work. With my day job, I can work hard for a month and have nothing physical to show for it. I also like the ‘me’ time where I get to focus on what I want to do and make.

What got you into making things?

My dad was a general contractor my whole childhood so I would help him when I didn’t have school. I would spend hours with him in our shed while he built cabinets for our home. Later when I had my own home, I started getting more and more tools and never looked back.

Ty's Custom 2-Stage Dust Collector

Ty’s Custom 2-Stage Dust Collector

Favorite material to work with:

Wood (Walnut)

Any advice you would give to beginners?

Don’t worry about failures or mistakes. Every woodworker makes them and what makes a great woodworker is learning how to cover them up.

Shop Cabinets Made By Ty

Shop Cabinets Made By Ty

Miter Saw Cabinet Set Lower So The Others Act As  Supports

Miter Saw Cabinet Set Lower So The Others Act As Supports

One or two favorite tips or tricks?

Use a paint or card scraper about a half hour after a glue up to quickly remove all glue before it drys but after it’s dry enough not to smear everywhere.

I also like to cut the corner off of a plastic bag or a finger off of a nitrile glove and rubber band it over the end of an open tube of caulk. Then squeeze a little caulk out and put it away. (I’ve used caulk that has been open for over a year by using this method.)


Project you’re most proud of:

Glowing Sign

Mono Loco Logo Mono Loco Workshop 2 Mono Loco Workshop


Notable highlights or projects?

Featured in the digital Stone Advisory Magazine in 2014.


Workflow and organization is a struggle for many people.  What are some things you do to stay organized?

I generally design my project in SketchUp first and get my first stab at how the project should go together. Then while building the project, I try to maintain an organized shop space which is easier said than done when you have a 20×20’ space.


Have you ever had a “slump” or had to walk away from a project, and what did you do to get back on track?  If not, how do you stay motivated in your shop?

I’ve had projects that I just didn’t want to do but needed to get done. Because I needed to get it done, I wouldn’t work on anything else but also didn’t make it into the shop very often to try to finish that one. I just did my best to make it through that project and planned some more interesting or fun projects directly after. (In the future, I might try injecting some small fun projects in the middle of a large boring project.)

Anything else you want people to know about you:

I do a lot more work for beer than I probably should and due to my day job and family life, most of my woodworking gets done late at night.


Where can people find more about you?




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15 Responses

  1. Dave (KSFWG)

    I like the idea of an “in depth” interview as a way to get to know a little more about the person. But, speaking for myself, would enjoy enjoy this much more in a video format. Thanks to Ty for sharing a bit of himself with us, and thanks to Nick for bringing it to us.

    • Nick

      thanks Dave – at first I tried video but logistically it was tough to make work – hopefully I can explore that some more in the future – and yes thanks to Ty for doing it! Hope to bring a few more this year!

  2. Ty Moser

    I really appreciate the time and effort put in to this. It really shows through the great layout and thoughtful questions.

    Thanks again!

    • Nick

      awesome, that is really cool to hear you liked it – I am hoping to do at least one a month and I still need to catch up for January

  3. Charlie Kocourek

    Great article, Nick! It can be hard to develop good questions, but you did it! The article flows well and the photos are good, too. I feel like I know Ty a lot better now.

    Thanks! Charlie

    • Nick

      I agree – I meet a lot of woodworkers in IT and computers – seems they like making tangible things after making software and code all day

  4. mgkapotsy

    I like this feature Nick, it’s let’s us all learn more about makers we know as well as learn about some new ones!

  5. Mike Morris

    I like the fact that we get to know more about the individual and how they work and tie wood working into their lives. I look forward to more of these. I really liked Ty’s sign for his business.

    • Nick

      Thanks Mike – I agree and am happy to do these – I’m hoping to have one a month going forward but I’ve been a bit behind – glad you enjoyed it!


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