I figured I would have a little fun with announcing the winner for the table saw sled giveaway.  Somehow just reading a name off didn’t seem to have enough “zip” to it.  I want to take a moment to thank Kreg® for sponsoring the giveaway.  I think it says a lot of a company to want to be part of the woodworking community and help with cool events such as these.  Also a HUGE thank you to everyone that entered and shared the contest and made it so much fun.  It always makes me smile to think about how many of you enjoy and appreciate what I am doing in the woodworking community.  Probably the greatest group of people anyone could ask for.  Okay, with the sappy appreciative banter out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff, the winner!

Table Saw Prize Package Includes:

1@ 48″ Kreg® Top Trak – ITEM#: KMS7714

2@ 30″ Kreg® Jig & Fixture Bar – ITEM#: KMS7303

2@ 48″ Kreg® Mini Trak – ITEM#: KMS7509

1@ Kreg® Swing Stop – ITEM#: KMS7801

1 of each Self Adhesive Tape Measure – ITEM#: KMS7724 & KMS7723 –  Left to Right and Right to Left Reading

Full Color Highly Detailed Plans

$50 Gift Card For Materials & Fasteners

nick ferry table saw sled and miter sled



The Winner:

Mike Urman


Thanks again for everyone who entered!  I will be emailing the winner in the next couple days to get everything squared away and get the items shipped out.

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6 Responses

    • Nick

      I was going to make it worse and pause after Mike, but decided I didn’t want to be that cruel

  1. knowwhatmomknows

    Congratulations Mike Urman!!! i HOPE you get a lot of use out of your new Table Saw Sled!!! Thanks Nick for having the give-away!!! That is awesome that you did this for your subscribers!

    • Nick

      Thank you Shelly and yes, congrats to Mike – super fun to be able to do this and I really want to do more of these – it seems to get people excited and it’s just an overall good time!

  2. Chris

    You missed your calling! With a voice like that you were made for mmmm g q clothes model. Congrats Mike!


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