I think it’s obvious I spend longer than I should online looking at things being made & created.  I like all sorts of videos but always seem to like videos of things being created.  Some of the videos are from newer small channels and some from huge established channels, but all would appreciate your support of a like, share or comment about their projects.  This week seems to be the week of innovation and design.  A ton of new concepts I haven’t seen before!


Weird Furniture

From the varietal materials being used to wildly unique designs, some are pretty cool and some left me asking, why?



Larger tasks can be daunting for even two people.   If you are by yourself, you need to get creative.


Make Something

New take on some deli board letters, but you need to watch until the end, haha.

Tony Shulthise

A dog escalator – Enough said!

Elyasaf shweka

A short video on a expandable trivet but the design concept is really cool!

That Chipper Guy

Processing cords and cords of firewood.  John always has some logging equipment and shop related stuff going on.

Mirock’s Woodshop

This doweling jig is over the top.  It’s like a 1-2-3 block on steroids!

Moy Perez Woodshop

Moy really knocked it out of the park with some of his innovative design features on his miter saw station.  He’s a great guy & worth subscribing to!


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  1. Jeffrey Krupinski

    Mirock’s Woodshop video is amazing! I check out a few of his others, including his MDF workbench and was in awe how easy he makes everything look!

  2. Steven Riley

    I liked Moy Peretz miter saw build. I like his pocket hole jig. Do you no the name of it and were to get one. Also his little square.


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