I think it’s obvious I spend longer than I should online looking at things being made & created.  I like all sorts of videos but always seem to like videos of things being created.  Some of the videos are from newer small channels and some from huge established channels, but all would appreciate your support of a like, share or comment about their projects.

This week a couple picture frames and tips on hanging them as well as some shop made equipment and setup.




Rockwood Joe

Last week I featured a bandsaw insert plate.  So keeping with the bandsaw theme, here is a really funny video with some good ideas on setting up your bandsaw.


3x3Custom – Tamar

Making an entry table with some trials and tribulations along the way.  Working through the problems works out in the end.


Marc Tobias

Japanese puzzle boxes are fascinating.  It’s not a build video but it is extremely interesting on how complex and in depth some craftsman go in the mechanisms for these puzzle boxes.



I’m getting a drum sander soon but Kenny decided to make his own on the lathe.  His thought and care that goes into things is always fun to see.


Ox In The Shop

I did some simple picture frames a while back.  You can see those below.  My friend Drew from Ox In The Shop expanded on that idea for his family picture collection.


Eric Reason

Speaking of picture frames, Eric has a really quick and easy way to locate your hardware when hanging picture frames.  Keeping it simple!



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2 Responses

  1. Dave (KSFWG)

    As far as the bandsaw tuning, he forgot one thing (if he did mention this and I missed it, then never mind) lol The table of the band saw should be 90 degrees to the floor, and once the band saw is completely tuned, it should NOT be moved, other wise, you’ll have to re do the entire procedure and re tune it. 😉 lol

    I really like Tamar’s videos. I’ve been sub’d to her for quite a while now. She’s on the cusp of joining the “heavy hitters” in the woodworking community and on YouTube. Thanks for another noteworthy Noteworthy Woodworking blog!

    • Nick

      thanks Dave – I agree with you on Tamar – I’m guessing lots of great things to come


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